Bulk Change - Assign Observation Codes

Bulk Change - Assign Observation Codes

Bulk Change - Assign Observation Codes

When using Stockbook, sometimes the need arises to change a certain piece of information over an entire group of animals. To do this you should use the 'Bulk Changes' feature. This allows you to select a group of animals and change a piece of information for the entire group, without having to do each animal individually. 

Assigning Observation code: 
If you are recording weights, traits, muscle scans and fleeces for a performance recording system such as a Breedplan society, MSG, Sheep Genetics, all records should be associated with an observation code.
Observation codes are used to link observations taken at a like stage in the growth of an animal e.g. birth, weaning, 400 day, etc. In this way, for example, it is easy to extract all the weaning weights out for a group of animals.
You can define as many codes as you like, though Stockbook does have some present ones which should be used, for example Birth Weight - BW, Weaning Weight - WW.
There will be occasions when it is more convenient to assign observation codes in bulk. This option allows you to do just that.

Note:  A bulk change cannot be 'Undone'. Please ensure you do a backup before doing any bulk changes

Step 1. Select the Utility > Bulk Changes > Assign Observation Codes menu option

  • For   Sheep, the menu option will be  Utility  >  Bulk Changes  >  Assign Age Stage Codes .


Step 2. Assign Observation Codes window

The  Assign Observation Codes  window allows you to assign observation/stage codes to specific types of information, for all animals born in the same year and observed (recorded) on the same date.
For example: A mob of 2014 drop calves were weighed on the 17/02/15 and the observation code assigned to that event was  200 (200 day) . The correct Observation Code for that event should have been  WW (Weaning 200 days) . Assigning this correct observation code across that entire group of animals, can be done in this window.
  1. Calf Year : Enter the year of birth for the animals to be updated. -  2014
  2. Start Obs. Date and End Obs. Date : Enter the date range on which the animals were observed. -  17/02/2015 to 17/02/2015
  3. Observation Code : Enter the observation/stage code to be assigned to the records found. -  WW (Weaning (200 day))
  4. Data Type : Choose the type of data to be updated. -  Weight
  5. Tick the ' Overwrite existing observation codes ' box if you want to replace the existing observation code.
  • Click  Yes  to  Confirm  message: 'If you proceed, you will assign an observation code of "WW" to all Weight records taken between 17/02/2015 and 17/02/2015 inclusive, for all animals born in 2014. Proceed?'
  • Click  OK  to  Information message : ' Update Complete.'


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