Creating a Stock Return Report using Livestock Classes

Creating a Stock Return Report using Livestock Classes

Setting up your Livestock Class Categories 

The below are examples of how you can set up your Livestock Class Types. 
FC = Female Calf
HFR = Heifer
MC = Male Calf
BDR = Breeder
FW = Female Weaner
BUL = Bull
MW = Male Weaner
TDF = Trade Female
STR = Steer
TDS = Trade Steer
  1. Go to Setup
  2. Livestock Classes
  3. Click Add
  4. Enter a code and Description. 
  5. Click OK


Transferring animals into a new Livestock Class.

  1. Select the animal(s) you want to transfer
  2. Events
  3. Click Movemement>Livestock Class Transfers
  4. Enter the date and Class movement
  5. Click OK

Printing the Stock Return report.

  1. Reports
  2. Click Stock Return
  3. Click Using Livestock Class
  4. Enter your start and end date

  1. Click OK
You have chosen to do a Stock Return Using Classes. For this to work correctly your data must be accurate.
An animal that was bred or purchased MUST have been placed into a Class on the date of birth/purchase.
2. All Class movements must be accurate and up to date.
The report will only be as accurate as the information it has been given.